The Engineer is one of the three ship classes. The resourceful ship can quickly turn the tides of battle, utilizing its impressive arsenal. The Engineer has a multitude of tools at hand - Repair Crates, helpful Drones and Buoys – to threaten foes and support teammates. Her variety of buffs and healing skills make the Engineer the perfect supporting class for each team – but she's also tricky in her use of tools and can definitely hold her own against foes.

It breaks off into three sub-classes with various types of abilities: Tinker, Atlanticus, and Buoy Master.

  • Atlanticus aids in healing friendly units, ideal to repair allies and control enemy crowds
  • Tinker specializes in debuffing enemy skills
  • Buoy Master attacks individual enemies, or accelerates allied units; specializes in the use of buoys to control the flow of the battlefield, supporting teammates and attacking at the same time

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